No Bake Protein Cookies with MusclePharm Combat

  No bake cookies are one of the greatest lazy desserts. There's no need to deal with the oven or a ton of ingredients, and even the baking-challenged can make them. This protein powder recipe takes the concept one step further. With the inclusion of eight scoops of Combat Whey Protein, these ordinary no bake cookies become mini protein bombs....

MusclePharm Combat Mocha Shake

  We've posted a lot of chocolate + coffee + protein shake recipes over the last year, but you can never have too many! This super easy recipe uses Combat Whey Protein from MusclePharm, and it just so happens we're currently running a month-long promo on it: get a free container of Assault with your Combat (5lb) purchase.   Ingredients...

  • January 10, 2017


Ingredients 1/4 CUP COCONUT MILK1 EGG1 EGG WHITE1 SCOOP OF MUSCLEPHARM COMBAT VANILLAPROTEIN POWDER1/4 TEASPOON OF CINNAMON2 SLICES OF WHOLE WHEAT BREAD1/2 BANANA1 TEASPOON OF WATER Directions1) Mix together coconut milk. egg, egg white. Combat powderand cinnamon until the ingredients are blended smoothly. 2) Put breed slices in one at a time to absorb the mixture.Make sure to let each...

Easy Protein Panna Cotta

  For those that don't know, panna cotta is a dessert that's made by thickening sweetened cream with gelatin. This three ingredient recipe dumbs it down quite a bit, but it's also spiked with 100% Gold Standard Casein Protein from Optimum Nutrition. It's a great way to satisfy late-night dessert cravings and support your muscles at the same time.   Ingredients 2...

Protein-Packed Chocolate Cake

  Cake + gains? Yes, please. This tasty protein cake recipe uses Platinum HydroWhey from Optimum Nutrition, an awesome whey protein powder with BCAAs, digestive enzymes, and 30 grams of protein per serving. It's a great way to satisfy your craving for sweets without taking in all the carbs and sugar. Oh, and if you don't have Platinum HydroWhey on...

Rocky Road Snack Bars with Gold Standard Protein

  We don't feature as many snack bar recipes here as we should, but we have one for you today! These easy to make protein bars use a combination of whey and casein protein, so they're perfect either post-workout or pre-bedtime. And at almost 300 calories per bar, they're dense enough to use as an emergency meal replacement in a pinch....

Vanilla Protein Pancakes

Why have just regular pancakes when you can have protein pancakes? Grab your favorite whey protein and throw it into the batter for an extra muscle-building kick. We use Gold Standard 100% Whey, but Optimum Nutrition makes several protein powders that would work just fine. Enjoy!   Ingredients 2 scoops Gold Standard 100% Whey, vanilla flavour 1 cup of egg whites...

Vanilla Pumpkin Protein Smoothie

  Vanilla and pumpkin are both sweet flavours, but they work surprisingly well together in this protein shake recipe. You should be able to use any of Optimum Nutrition's protein powders that come in vanilla, but we recommend going with Gold Standard 100% Whey (earlier in the day) or Casein (later in the day).   Ingredients 2 scoops of Gold Standard 100%...

  • December 12, 2016

Summer's First Birthday Muffin

Can't believe it is almost a year since I had baby Summer. We are off to our toddler group tomorrow and we have to bring a cupcake for them to smash/eat with their little buddies. Summer hasn't had junk food in her diet and I thought if I'm going to make a batch of muffins I my as well make...

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Ice Pops

  I hate ice cold popsicles on hot days...said nobody ever.    Most popsicles aren't exactly what we'd consider good nutrition, but this recipe changes that. It's just Amino Energy, an amino acid blend from Optimum Nutrition, mixed with water - no extra junk or artificial ingredients. Just mix, freeze, and devour!   Ingredients 3 shakers cups Optimum Nutrition Amino...

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