Recipe Contest Winner: Sam's My Banana's Bigger Than Yours Smoothie

  Sam's note: Honestly the tastiest smoothie I've had by far! Sam also said there's a story behind the name, but I forgot to follow up with that (whoops!). Maybe he'll chime in and share it!   Ingredients Handful of spinach 1 free range egg A few mls or almond milk 1 dollop of natural yoghurt 1 frozen banana 1...

Recipe Contest Winner: Jocelin's Protein French Toast

  Jocelin's note: This recipe takes french toast to the next level, by amping up the protein by using 100% Balance Whey, the addition of natural sources of stevia you know exactly what your putting into your body to take your morning training routine up a notch!! I love eating french toast for breakfast, and this recipe also satisfies my sweet tooth, keeps me full...

Recipe Contest Winner: Gligor's High Energy Morning Boost Smoothie

Gligor's note: I call this smoothie the 'High Energy Morning Boost' as it provides that extra zing in the morning when I wake up at 5.30am to go get ready for the day ahead. I love that it gives enough sustenance for quite some time so I don't get hungry by the time I get to work (which used to happen before), and...

Recipe Contest Winner: Amy's Protein Oatmeal Cookies

  Amy's note: Oatmeal cookies are really popular in the US & I have made some major adjustments to the recipe (including adding protein powder!) to clean them up and boost the nutritional value. I usually make a batch every week, store them in the freezer and pull them a couple out the night before. Dense, full of flavour and different...

Recipe Contest Winner: Natalie's Chili & Cacao Protein Bites

  Natalie's note: I LOVE anything spicy, I throw chilli in absolutely everything, so I figured why not try adding it into my sweet treats as well! My miss 10 is like me and loves spicy things so she devours these, it’s that kick at the end of eating them that I love the best, when eating them you get the...

Recipe Contest Winner: Troy's Morning Power Shake

  We're finally getting around to announcing the Cooking with Kimmi recipe contest winners, woohoo! Up first is Troy's Morning Power Shake. Troy's note: This is my Power Shake that I have every morning. It plays an essential part of my diet and crushes my energy needs for the morning until my next meal. Tastes amazing and I look forward...

Chocolate Macaroon Protein Bites

  Coconut, chocolate, and sweet gains. That just about sums up this recipe.  One batch of protein bites (about 16ish bars) has about 75 grams of protein, and they're the perfect snack for giving your sweet tooth some quick satisfaction.   Ingredients 3/4 cup sweetener of choice 5 tbsp cocoa powder 3 scoops of BioX Natural Power Whey Complex (chocolate)...

BioX Power Whey Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter and chocolate work well together in any combination, but there's something special about peanut butter cups, especially when they're homemade. These peanut butter protein cups from BioX use Power Whey Complex to add a spike of protein to this decadent dessert. They work equally well as a post-workout snack or as a late-night treat.   Ingredients Chocolate coating...

Balance Gluten-Free Protein Hotcakes

  Ready to up your hotcake game? You're in luck! This hotcake recipe combines Balance Naturals 100% Whey Protein with two awesome Healtheries products — their Ground Rice Flour and LSA Super Grains. They're gluten-free, packed with nutrients to help you start your day off right, and full of nuanced flavour (vanilla, lemon, and berry).   Ingredients 1 tsp gluten-free baking...

Balance Natural Protein Fudge Balls

  We just posted a fudge recipe a few weeks ago...but c'mon, more fudge is never a bad thing. This recipe from Balance Sports Nutrition once again makes use of their Naturals 100% Whey Protein, a natural WPC/WPI protein blend. These protein fudge balls are easy and quick to whip together, and they make a perfect protein treat any time...

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