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Biox Italian Hot Chocolate

May 31, 2016

Biox Italian Hot Chocolate


I don't hide the fact that I dislike winter, but you know what the BEST thing about winter is? - hot chocolate! Yea, I love it. But alas, I generally stay away from store bought packaged hot chocolate laden with refined sugar and unpronounceable additives. So what's a fitness girl to do? Why, make your own version of course! If you are a hot chocolate or hot cocoa lover, this cup will knock your socks off - it is so rich and decadent, you won't believe it!





  1. Pour almond milk into sauce pan and bring to a light boil over low heat while adding other ingredients. 
  2. Keep stirring, until blended well and pour into cups.
  3. Garnish with a few mini marshmallows, a dab of whipping cream, shaved dark chocolate etc. You can add flavour variety by using BioX Peanut Butter to change it up or orange zest for Orange chocolate or maybe a few Chili's for a spicy version etc. 


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