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Creatine Vs Test Boosters


Which is for you?

There are distinct differences between Creatine and Testosterone boosters. Both can have their place in an individual's workout. It's just best to weigh up the whys and wherefores before clicking the purchase button.

Both products work within different pathways in the body. Creatine is functional in the Krebs Cycle - our bodies energy pathway and allows us to push more weight, run further, perform more reps, recover faster and see an overall increase our strength levels quite quickly. 

Testosterone boosters are instrumental in the Hormonal pathway - naturally increasing Testosterone levels which plays a massive part in stamina, increased lean muscle gain and strength.

Creatine is great for the intermediate trainer who has his nutrition and training sorted to a consistent level. With an increased water load the individual will notice good results that stay around long after. If your goal is to build mass and strength, using the loading phase is the absolute best way to achieve the results you desire. Loading for 5-7 days on 3-5 teaspoons split throughout the day (this depends on bodyweight)

Always take one teaspoon before Training and one after training with your protein shake. Split the rest of the dose throughout the day. Once the loading phase has been completed, move to a maintenance phase of 1-2 teaspoons per day. During this time make sure you drink a lot of water and stay consistent on your training and nutrition. Always consuming a quality Whey Protein shake after training and a casein shake before bed. The noticeable gains in strength and muscle have been well documented in hundreds of studies over the years.

To increase Energy levels you can supplement with one teaspoon before training and one teaspoon after. Results will vary depending on the levels of Creatine already in your body.

There have been some recent studies that also show an increased natural levels of  testosterone  by about 15% after the 7 day load phase, proving the wide range of benefits Creatine has for increased strength and performance, power output, muscle growth and recovery  

Testosterone Boosters are for the more advanced older trainer. When you are you younger, you already have enough testosterone flooding through your body to assist muscle, growth, strength and stamina. It is much better for the bigger picture to leave test Boosters for the older guys  instead of messing with your endocrine system and causing problems that can take months even years to regulate. Think of them as the next step in your training down the road. 

For the more advanced trainer, testosterone boosters can give that edge that you need when plateaus start to hit and hormones start to drop back. As Men age, Testosterone levels drop so by supplementing with a testosterone support formula you will notice improved muscle recovery and strength, reduced body fat  and an improved sex drive.  This can be the motivation and drive you need to get your body to the next level. Again, consistent training and a good balanced nutrition plan is highly advisable to get the best results out of your chosen Test Booster. Once you have finished the Bottle, switch to Creatine to keep the body guessing. Alternatively  a good Tribulus can be the best way of starting along the testosterone elevating route. Look for a 45% or higher saponins level  and follow directions on the bottle. Starting on Tribulus gives you a good basic  starting point at the lower strength level.  Why start on the absolute strongest if you don't have to?

Who shouldn't use Testosterone Boosters? If you have an already high testosterone level and its evident through tests or even if you are quick to anger; think twice. Test boosters will only make you worse. It may be best to stay away from these all together.

For an advanced trainer the two products can be stacked together for a rapid Lean Mass stack or taken simultaneously for consistent results using different growth and recovery  pathways.


So if you're trying to make a decision on what's right for you

Beginner trainer and 16-18 years old

A Good Whey Protein or Mass gainer training.

A good BCAA formula for during and after training


Intermediate Trainer and 18-28 years

A Good Whey Protein or Mass gainer

BCAA formula for during and after  training.


ZMA Formula

Pre workouts - cycled and used with an adrenal formula

Advanced Trainer and 28/30 years and older

A Good Whey Protein or Mass gainer

BCAA formula for during and after  training.


ZMA Formula

Pre workouts - cycled and used with an adrenal formula

Tribulus Terrestris

Testosterone Boosters