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3 Key Supplements For Health & Well-Being


If you have an extremely well balanced diet and get all the nutrients you need from the food you eat, then ignore this blog and carry on. If you're like me and indulge every now and then, have a decent diet but it's unbalanced, then stay right here ! We're going to discuss 3 key supplements that we can take in order to keep our diet balanced and improve our health. Because we like to indulge, we miss out on the important nutrients we're supposed to have that meal, but here's the 3 most important supplements we can take to try and rebalance our diet or simply just to boost our general health and well-being. 


1. A Multivitamin

While ideally the majority of your nutrients should come from a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, we have established that that comes with a balanced diet and that isn't us. So, taking a multivitamin ensures that you get all the essential vitamins and minerals recommended for each day, keeping your engine running smoothly. Be sure to look for a multivitamin that is labeled 100% DV, meaning Daily Value and it is usually best to grab a multivitamin specific to either gender or age because different ages and genders need more of different things so this will compensate for that. We have a great range of multivitamins on our website, check it out here. 


2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids/ Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are the superstar fats that boost your brain, protect your heart and arteries, fight wrinkles, lubricate your joints and more! Not only does it support your heart and blood systems but it is also very beneficial for healthy hair, nails and skin. DHA can be found in fish oils which improves how the brain stores and uses energy and can be a good depression fighter. So many benefits for this supplement, the list could go on forever. Check out some of our good fats and oil products here. 


3. Calcium with Magnesium

Without calcium in your diet, the body will rob this nutrient from your bones, which weakens your bones. I mean even we add milk to our indulgent dessert, it's not exactly the point. Calcium needs to be combined with magnesium in order to support bones, teeth and muscles. It's important that we take these vitamins together since calcium alone can have the opposite effect to what we're trying to achieve here. It can cause constipation, and we don't want that, but with magnesium this annoying side effect will be prevented! Just remember to take your calcium a fair time apart from your other vitamins as calcium can block your body from absorbing any other nutrients. Taking it an hour or two after or before your other vitamins should do the trick. Try out our Nutra-Life Calcium and Magnesium.


As always, stick to the recommended dosages on the packaging or see a health specialist for more information on your health and what you need in order to improve your general health & well-being. 


Happy Supplementing ^_^