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3 Supplements You Should Add To Your Stack

With all the different supplements that are now available for use, many people have the tendency to get confused on which to take. We have come up with 3 must have supplements to add to your stack!



Creatine is a great supplement to help increase your overall workout intensity, which will promote greater increases in muscle mass. The Creatine will allow you to keep pushing hard in the gym at a time when you would have previously had to decrease the load or stop entirely.

Creatine promotes greater gains in increasing FFM (Fat Free Mass, which includes muscle mass), along with improving maximal strength to get that impressive bench press load up. Creatine also promotes improving recovery time between sessions allowing you to train more frequently, so if you are commonly needing to take a few days off between workouts, using Creatine may allow you to cut this down to just one single day between workouts. Vegetarians don’t think you are left out! Creatine also improves muscle and performance with common vegetarian diets so you too can take advantage of the enhancements Creatine offers. 

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Quick Tip – When consuming Creatine, studies suggest that the combination of both Creatine and Carbohydrates such as mixing Grape or Apple juice will enhance the absorption uptake helping you make the most of your Creatine!




Greens supplements are one of the fastest growing supplement categories on the market. Who wouldn’t want a day’s worth of fruit and veggies in a convenient pill or powder?

Greens supplements allow you to consume concentrated versions of several fruits, vegetables and herbs increasing the effectiveness of your hard training and clean diet! Supporting gastrointestinal health, supporting healthy digestion and boosting your immune system are some of the key reasons you should be including Greens into your daily supplement stack.

So the next time your mother is forcing you to ‘eat your vegetables or no dessert’ remember to have Greens supplements ready to rock and roll!

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Quick Tip- Mix your Greens Supplement with your favorite smoothies or shakes to get maximum taste and enjoyment!




If you have made the commitment to start investing hard long hours in the gym, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) tops the list of important “musts” that need to be included when planning your supplement program! The first thing you will experience about BCAA’s is the immune system support. Every time you are in the gym lifting weights, you are placing incredible amounts of stress on your body. If your body is not able to recover fast enough, illness will be prominent. BCAA’s offer everything your body needs to maintain a normal, healthy immune system when taking on extra stress. BCAA’s also have a direct correlation with providing fuel for your muscles during training, preventing a catabolic effect that can significantly ‘burn muscle’. Taking on enough protein and carbohydrates during the pre- and post-workout period can be difficult so don’t be the person to let this hinder your goals, BCAA’s will really make a difference in your training, particularly if you are already running a deficiency! Lastly BCAA’s help increase muscle mass, improve muscle tissue growth and improve hydration during workouts, BCAA’s are fast becoming a gym junkie’s best friend!

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