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Jase & Kimmi's Super Jelly

October 17, 2017

Jase & Kimmi's Super Jelly

Jase and Kimmi's Super Jelly


Diet jelly brings me back to competing. It was a little treat you could have when you couldn't handle no sweets and you were about to eat your arm off. I'm training really hard at the moment for a workshop coming up and recovery is a big thing for me. One of the reps suggested Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate for recovery. Glutamine has always been a favorite of mine for both immunity and muscle repair.   -Kimmi






  1. Make the jelly to packet directions. You can play around with the water you add. I prefer the jelly thicker and not mushy so we do slightly less than the packets say. Remember you are using two packets of jello not one so use a big bowl and double the water to what one packet says.
  2. Mix in BioX Glutamine and Great Lakes Gelatin and set in fridge. This will give you a giant bowl of jelly (we split between two of us).
  3. Dig in :))


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