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April 21, 2017

BSc Body Science fat burning lemonade slushie with hydroxyburn shred


Yep, it's really happening  a recipe without protein powder! This fat-shredding slushie from Body Science uses Hydroxyburn Shred, a potent thermogenic fat burner. Plus...lemonade. Everyone loves lemonade.

But if you for some reason you don't, you could swap in the Super Berry flavour, replace the lemonade with your favorite fruit juice, and ditch the lemon and lime for a handful of fresh berries.





  1. Place the Hydroxyburn Shred, lemonade, and ice into your blender.
  2. Squeeze in your desired amount of lemon and lime juice, then blend until you get a slushie consistency.
  3. Enjoy!


PS — Hydroxyburn Shred comes with a free box of TX100 Green Tea until the end of the month!


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