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Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Ice Pops

December 06, 2016

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Ice Pops

Optimum Nutrition Recipe - Amino Energy Ice Pops


I hate ice cold popsicles on hot days...said nobody ever


Most popsicles aren't exactly what we'd consider good nutrition, but this recipe changes that. It's just Amino Energy, an amino acid blend from Optimum Nutrition, mixed with water - no extra junk or artificial ingredients. Just mix, freeze, and devour!





  1. In 3 separate shaker cups, mix 300ml of cold water with 2 scoops of each flavor of Amino Energy.
  2. Pour Amino Energy Fruit Fusion into popsicle molds till 1/3 full. Place in freezer till solid. Remove mold from freezer, remove tops of molds and pour Amino Energy Blueberry Mojito flavor into mold till 2/3 full.
  3. Place covers back on mold and refreeze.
  4. Once second layer is frozen, remove from freezer and pour Amino Energy Blue Raspberry into remainder of mold.
  5. Place back into freezer till solid. Enjoy!


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