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Start Caring About Your Joint Health


Joints are one of those things that you don't think about often. They're just sorta...there. You use them every single day to execute movement, whether that's sitting down into a chair or climbing a mountain. Even so, joints probably aren't at the top of your mind.

Well, they should be. We don't want this to come off as a lecture, so we'll keep it short and sweet.


Why Care About Your Joints?

Well, we just talked about the big reason: you use them every day. Keeping your joints health means you'll be able to continue doing the activities that you love. That's a big plus, right?

If you let joint care get away from you, it's not necessarily the end of the world. People lived long, healthy, movement-happy lives long before anyone started preaching about joint health. 

But ask yourself this: do you know anyone with arthritis? 

We bet you do. According to Arthritis New Zealand, it's the number one cause of disability in New Zealand. I promise I'm not pulling stats to try to scare you, but come on...that's huge, and it is scary.

That, combined with the fact that healthy joints play a large role in movement quality, is why you should care about your joint health.


How To Keep Your Joints Healthy

You have three great options here: physical activity, nutrition, and supplementation.

Physical activity should go without saying. It builds the muscles and tissues around your joints, and forces your joints to actually move. 

Nutrition, on the other hand, might not be as obvious. There's no special eating strategy that can prevent arthritis and bolster joint health, but eating a health, balanced selection of foods ensures that your body isn't missing anything important.

Finally, there's supplementation. Some research is shaky, but there's evidence that NEM, short for natural eggshell membrane, can impact joint health, and even reduce arthritis symptoms. 


Our Joint Care Supplement Recommendation

We try not to recommend products without good reasoning, so rest assured we're not just drawing names out of a hat. At least, not today - that's only on Tuesdays.

...just kidding.

Our joint health pick - Nutralife Joint Care Advanced - includes an ingredient we talked about above, NEM. We like it because it's backed by research, and that's not the case with all supplements. Why NEM? Other than the fact that it's supported by scientific research, it's a natural source of important proteins (like collagen), hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate. 

We also like Nutralife Joint Care Advanced because it's generally well-tolerated, it's made via an eco-friendly process, and it packs a big punch all in a tiny pill. Talk about convenient!


Quick Summary

  • Joint health is super important, even though we tend to forget about it
  • Joint problems, like arthritis, are terrible and affect a lot of people
  • Fortify your joints with regular physical activity, health and balanced nutrition, and supplementation
  • Check out Joint Care Advanced by Nutralife, a science-backed joint health supplement