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What To Do If Whey Doesn't Work For You - by Cliff Harvey

Whey is the most commonly used protein powder. It has high bioavailability and is relatively inexpensive. For many people it’s a good protein option but what if whey isn’t serving you as well as it could?

If you experience any of the following symptoms after taking your protein shake, it might be worth trying a different protein:

  • Bloating
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Intestinal pain
  • Eczema or other skin conditions

Of course you should always check with your doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms at all but if you notice any symptoms specifically after having your daily protein shake, you could be reacting to whey. There is a rising incidence of combined milk protein intolerance and allergy1 (both the whey and casein proteins from milk products) and many people notice some degree of discomfort after taking a whey shake. Until quite recently you had to grin and bear it because the quality of plant based, non-dairy proteins simply weren’t up to the same standard. But those days are long gone…

High-grade pea proteins deliver up to 90% protein per serve — the same as a high-grade whey protein isolate and more protein than a whey concentrate, and so you’re not missing out on protein by taking a pea protein isolate. Unlike most proteins, pea protein isolate is also complete. A complete protein has all the essential amino acids (the ‘building blocks’ of protein) required for the growth and repair of human tissue, including muscle. Pea protein isolates provide all of these aminos in amounts recommended by the World Health Organisation and The United States National Institutes of Medicine.2, 3

But you’re probably less interested in amino acid profiles than how it actually works to help you build and retain muscle. On that count, pea protein isolate works perfectly. A recent randomised, controlled trial (RCT) demonstrated that pea protein is equally effective for muscle growth when compared to whey.4

So, in a nutshell (or should that be a pea-pod?) pea protein isolate is a complete protein that helps you to build and retain muscle just as effectively as whey but without the bloat.

Not all peas are created equal…


Processing technology and quality control standards for growing, processing and transportcan vary from country to country, and between manufacturers. You should always choose a high-quality pea protein isolate.

Clean Lean Proteinby Nuzest is NZ’s premium pea protein. It is guaranteed free from gluten, dairy, GMOs, artificial additives or preservatives, pesticides and heavy metals (a concern with some proteins), and is free from all common allergens and has virtually no ‘anti-nutrients’ like phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors and lectins5 that can reduce absorption of nutrients, reduce protein efficiency (and are hated by the Paleo crowd!) Suffice to say that CLP, along with being vegan, is also Paleo and primal friendly.

So whether you are vegan, vegetarian, dairy or soy intolerant, or simply looking for the highest quality protein available, Clean Lean Protein is agreat protein for everybody, every day. 

Here are a couple of links to some videos that I made with Jase:

Good Green Stuff

Clean and Lean Protein

And if you would like to give Nuzest a try check it out here Nuzest

- Cliff Harvey


Hi, I'm Cliff

I've been helping people to live healthier, happier lives, and to perform better since starting in clinical practice (way back...) in the late 1990s. Over this time in practice I have been privileged to work with many Olympic, professional, Commonwealth and other high performing athletes.
I've also worked with many people to overcome the effects of chronic and debilitating health conditions. Along the way I've founded or co-founded many successful businesses in the health, fitness and wellness space. 
Katoa Health - Founder & CEO
Holistic Performance Nutrition - Founder & CEO
NuZest - Co-founder & formulator


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