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251K Lincoln Road

Waitakere 0610

22B Cavendish Drive

Manukau 2104

4 Aranui Road

Auckland 1060

1 Wagener Place

Auckland 1025

Super Staff Convo: 5 Minutes With Kris Swaby

We catch up with Kris Swaby from our Manukau store.  

Kris has a wealth of knowledge so make sure you get into the Manukau store and see her - she can help you with all your training and nutrition goals.



Which store are you in?



Fave Protein and why?

Bio X power whey- Chocolate!!!..not only does it have a GREAT nutrition Profile,,,it is cost effective for me and tastes AMAZING!!!! LOVE IT <3

Best recomendations for muscle gain for both female and male?

Whey protein, Bcaa/amino, Creatine (my preference is HCL) good daily multi vitamin and Probiotics Train smart whether heavy and hard- however use full range of motion- and good form eat well and clean,,don't starve or gorge yourself! Balance is the key- we are not machines - we are not perfect,,,just enjoy the journey and strive for the best- it takes time!!!! and don't forget to REST! <3


Ultimate fatloss stack?

Fusion Sub Q and Pro sups DNPX for intense thermogenic power, increases core temperature Horleys Ice for pure Whey isolates to promote lean muscle and amino XL for intense recovery ...Gaspari Carni pure - carnitine before cardio - its a rule!


If you had a million dollars you would... 

After I've splashed out a bit on my self and my partner,,,looked after family and friends- done some traveling the next goal would to be to create or at least invest a HUGE, 24 hr Gym that catered people of every age, in to all kinds of sports; athletes on every level and beyond.... Biggest goal would be that it would be affordable to anyone who wanted to join! Anything to ensure fitness and health can become apart of everyone's lifestyle.


Tracks you train to?

Anything with a heavy bass line However, mainly rock and nu metal- Love R n B and hip hop for those low intensity or cardio days


Who's your biggest inspiration and why? 

Besides Incredible Top Women's Physique and figure competitors like Juliana Malacarne Latorya Watts, Candice Lewis , Shanique Grant etc.

Id have to say my BIGGEST inspiration is my partner Garth van der Merwe.

He reminds me daily of what it is to strive to be the best version of you possibly can! ,,,,what it is to have a goal and WORK for it ! Over the past 6 years there's been very few moments where he has not shown me that---with his own personal transformation, over 10 years of training and his previous bodybuilding career where hes been very successful competing here in NZ and internationally.

He has taken on full time study as an adult student and doing a integrated Bachelors and Masters in Osteopathy ( 3 year Bachelors followed by 2 year Masters) he's averaging A+ grades, his weekends are occupied completing a course at AUT and I just found out this morning he has been announced as a recipient/winner of a 2016 Mens Health Trust Scholarship! So proud of him!!!

He really proves to me if you have a goal- and you work hard and stay consistent you will reach it, achieve it... it's a beautiful thing to see.. - I cant help but think of him as a HUGE inspiration and motivator to me and many others who know him ( whether in person on even those who have followed him over the years via social media),,....He's not only Incredibly humble and a beautiful spirit hes very special to me and I love that I have some one so amazing in my life.


Oh Kris we are getting a bit teary here!!!

Kris has a wealth of knowledge so make sure you get into the Manukau store and see her - she can help you with all your training and nutrition goals.