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May 09, 2016

We talk to the awesome Justin from our Henderson Store...

get in and see Justin in either Henderson or the New Britomart store - pick his brains for some awesome stack suggestions.


Which store are you in?

You can find me in either the Henderson store or the New Britomart store. Whichever one you find me at, I’ll always be ready to give you some cool advice and tips on products and training


Fave Protein and why?

I love MusclePharm’s COMBAT - it has added glutamine and is ideal for anyone looking to speed up and improve recovery. It is a high quality protein source with loads of great benefits.


Best recommendations for muscle gain for both female and male?

In my opinion, the best products are Whey Protein Isolate, Glutamine and Creatine HCL (and yes - women can use creatine too!)


Ultimate fat loss stack?

You can’t beat Carnitine and Glutamine


If you had a million dollars you would...

Open a gym where you can swear, drop weights, use chalk, crank the tunes - with a basketball court :)


Tracks you train to?

My faves are anything Trap, House, Rap, R n B - they really get me pumped for any workout


Who's your biggest inspiration and why? 

People that work hard towards their goals and stay dedicated, give 100% in whatever it is they are trying to achieve, Those people keep me focused and humble ;)

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