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2 New Pre-Workouts From EHPLabs: RP MAX & PSI

June 07, 2016

2 New Pre-Workouts From EHPLabs: RP MAX & PSI

Big news, everyone: we have new stuff!

EHPlabs has just dropped off (well, not literally, but you know what we mean) two great-looking pre-workout supplements. Let's check em' out...



RP MAX is a stimulant-based blast designed to boost your energy before you head into your next big workout. 


    • CNS (central nervous system) stimulant, alpha-2 adrenergic agonist, metabolic activator
    • Awesome benefits like better cognitive ability, more controlled energy release, and improved endurance
    • From EHPlabs: "With EHPlabs RP Max pre-workout, you will “Be Empowered” to do whatever is required to achieve your results. There are no more excuses."




Unlike RP MAX, PSI features a stimulant-free design. It's a vasodilator that pumps you full of energy by promoting natural energy production. 


    • Promotes efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery, improves your ability to focus, and incites a mind-blowing pump
    • How, exactly? An optimal ratio of taurine and tyrosine!
    • From EHPlabs: "Be prepared for an amazing training session, huge pumps and intense vasodilation before consumption."


If you're in the market for a sweet pre-workout supplement, it's hard to go wrong with either of these. Plus, you get the choice of stim-packed or stim-free! Wanna learn more? Head on over to the store.


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