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BioX Xtreme Power Whey Complex

BioX Xtreme Power Whey Complex

With 3 tiers of protein domination, BioX Power Whey Complex features a nitrogen-loaded protein blend and uses the best protein filtration process available - CFM. With its unique three-tiered enzyme complex and filtration process, this supplement guarantees the maximum amount of whey fractions to make it through alive. 

Digestive enzymes play a major role in nutrient absorption. BioX knows this, and that’s why they put so much effort into the enzyme blend. 

Xtreme Power Whey contains a generous amount of all the essential amino acids and it is especially high in branched chain amino acids and the conditionally essential amino acid L-glutamine. 


How is it different from other proteins?

Xtreme power whey is derived from a sweet dairy whey where as most whey proteins are derived from acid whey. This means that Xtreme Power Whey is a non-denatured and complete whey protein supplement. It’s isolation process yields a complete whey fraction profile including: beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptides, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, bovine serum albumin.


Who does it benefit?

This whey protein is for everyone! But more specifically it is incredibly beneficial for:


  • Whey For Active Teens & Healthy AdultsWhey protein provides the body with a complete amino acid profile that is easily digested and tolerated.
  • Whey For Elderly IndividualsWhey protein can help support healthy bones in elderly individuals keeping them strong and healthy.
  • Whey For Expectant MothersExpectant mothers protein requirements are increased by as much as 30% so whey protein is an ideal source to obtain the extra protein required.
  • Whey To Support Optimum Immune System FunctionWhey protein supports the body's immune system by raising gluathione levels.* Gluathione is a powerful anti-oxidant.


BioX Power Whey Complex has tons of quality whey protein, a unique digestive blend and easy mixing. It is also one of the best tasting protein powders!! If you don’t believe me then believe the reviews of our customers.


"Amazing taste, extremely rich in flavour. Tastes exactly as good as you would expect it to. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth. In saying that it can get a bit too sweet if you don't add enough water. Mixes extremely well, can easily add it into my oats. Best tasting protein I've tried to date.”  - Ada

"I was pleasantly surprised with this. None of the clumpyness that I am used to with other cheaper whey protein products that I used to get - never again. Secondly, the taste! Chocolate so sweet! None of that overtly cocoa chocolate flavour lacking sweetness, this is perfect. Even when just mixed with water. More like drinking a milkshake treat than a protein shake.” - James

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