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July 17, 2015 Athlete Jak Wins class at NZPF Nationals

Congrats to staff member, Jak!



Had the biggest day of my life last weekend winning the 74kg junior class at NZPF nationals. This year the event was held at the NZ Fitness expo and the crowd/atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for everyone who came and supported or tuned into the live stream. I walked away with a 210kg squat, 115kg bench and 243kg deadlift with national records in the squat and deadlift. I went 8/9, 568kg total with a 28kg comp PR and 413 wilks points. The best performance I've ever had. 

Below are some clips of my lifts from the weekend.  





A video posted by Jak (@destamoon) on

 3rd attempt deadlift for the NZ junior record and the gold. This lift meant the world to me. I attempted it back in 2014 nationals where I came nowhere close to getting it and since then I've never really felt confident deadlifting anymore. This was my first deadlift PR in over a year and while it's only 3kg's, those were the hardest damned kilo's I'v ever had to work for. Im over the (desta)moon.


- Jak

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