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August 12, 2015

My Kosh My'NutButter


Are you sick of the regular peanut butter in your pantry? Well boy do we have an exciting replacement for you! Introducing My Kosh’s great and natural My’NutButter in six mouth watering flavours!After six months of testing, tasting, researching, and testing, tasting and researching some more owners Darryl and Trina Roycroft have developed a delicious range of crafted nut butters under the My’NutButter label. Using double dry roasted hi-Oleic peanuts, blanched peanuts single roasted with sunflower oil and dry roasted cashew nuts, they’ve come up with six lip-smacking flavours with NO ADDED emulsifiers, preservatives or added sugars – just a jar load of natural healthy goodness.



There’s two product categories, Just Peanuts (Natural Peanut Butters) and Flavours (Flavoured Peanut Butter and Flavoured Cashew Nut Butter).

Within these categories they make six types of nut butters: Just Peanuts Smooth, Just Peanuts Crunchy, ChoChilliNut (Chocolate with Chilli), CoffeeNut (Coffee and Peanut Butter), CinnamoNut (Cinnamon flavoured Peanut Butter) and CashewCocoNut (Cashew and Coconut with a hint of Vanilla). The only sweetener used is Stevia, a natural plant alternative to sugar and only used in the flavoured nut butter range.

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