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New Supplements: Clinicians, Nutralife, & Puria

New supplements: Clinicians, Puria, and Nutralife


It's all about vitamins this week. Check em' out...


Clinicians Opti Sight

Clinicians Opti Sight

  • Developed with NZ Glaucoma Society to support optic nerve health and peripheral vision
  • Proven eye health ingredients include Ginkgo Biloba and NZ Blackcurrants


Clinicians ViraCare

Clinicians ViraCare

  • Provides high doses of key immune-boosting nutrients
  • Prevents and improves recovery from common viral infections
  • Includes Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Selenium


Clinicians Organic Herbal Breathe Clear

Clinicians Organic Herbal Breathe Clear

  • Blend of seven cough-calming herbs
  • Supports wet and dry coughs, plus helps clear excess mucus


Puria Brain & Vision Support

Puria Brain & Vision Support

  • Supports your baby's brain and eye development during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Contains Omega-3 Fish Oil, Lutein, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A


Nutralife Vitamin C 500mg w/ Blackcurrant, Acai, & Goji

Nutralife Vitamin C 500mg Blackcurrant, Acai, Goji

  • Blackcurrant-flavoured chewables with 500mg of Vitamin C + Acai and Goji
  • Supports immune system health and wound healing, and provides antioxidant protection


Nutralife Ester-C Advanced Immune

Nutralife Ester-C Advanced Immune

  • Combines Ester-C with Olive Leaf, Garlic, and Zinc
  • Around the clock fast-absorbing and non-acidic immune support


Nutralife Vitamin C 1200mg Chewables

Nutralife Vitamin C 1200mg Chewables

  • Natural orange-flavoured chewables with 1200mg of buffered Vitamin C
  • Supports the immune system during winter and times of stress


Nutralife Ester-C 1200mg Effervescent Sachets

Nutralife Ester-C Effervescent Sachets

  • Convenient and easy to take form of Vitamin C for those who hate swallowing tablets
  • 1200mg of Vitamin C provides 24-hour immune system support