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June 13, 2018

We've got a great lineup of new supplements for you this week. There's the new and improved One More Rep (previously 1.M.R.), a grass-fed protein powder from Cellucor, ketones from Dr Keto, and the probiotic-focused Inner Health range from Ethical Nutrients. Check out all the details below!

BPI One More Rep


  • Evolution of the popular 1.M.R. pre-workout formula
  • Key ingredients include Citrulline, Betaine, Beetroot, Carnitine, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
  • Supports strength, energy, focus, and muscle building


  • Fruit Punch, Hurricane Orange, Berry Splash, Raspberry Tea

Cellucor IsoPro


  • Grass-fed protein without the unnecessary fats found in regular WPI
  • Contains 100% PRONATIV, a WPI powder that improved power, recovery time, and performance in clinicial studies
  • 25g protein per serving with 15% more leucine than traditional WPI


  • Fruity Cereal, Orange Citrus, Strawberry Splash

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health On The Go


  • Probiotic capsules for general health and good gut bacteria support
  • Contains 12 billion live LGG (Lactobacillus rhamnosus)
  • Protectair technology keeps bacteria alive without refrigeration

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Daily Immune


  • Probiotic that supports immune health and improves recovery from colds
  • Contains Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9 and Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2
  • No refrigeration necessary

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Digestive Defence


  • Digestion-focused probiotic that supports health digestion, bowel function, and gut bacteria balance
  • Contains Lactobacillus plantarum 299v
  • No refrigeration necessary

Dr Keto Ketones


  • High quality beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts
  • Helps you get into ketosis faster and supports fat loss and energy
  • 11.7 grams of GoBHB per serve


  • Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Grapefruit, Mango Tango

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