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New Supplements: Justine's, Clinicians, & Good Health

March 28, 2018

New Supplements: Justine's, Clinicians, & Good Health

It's been a light couple weeks for new arrivals, but we're back this week with a few more goodies. There's the new Justine's Protein Cookies flavour (exclusive to us!), a digestive aid, two bladder support supplements, and a new addition to the Good Health Viralex range. Check out the full list below!

Justine's Protein Cookies - New Flavour


  • New Caramal Choc Duo flavour is exclusive to
  • Tasty snack with high protein, low net carbs, and high fibre
  • No added sugar, gluten free, and wheat free

Clinicians DigestEase


  • Contains Tolerase G, a scientifically-supported ingredient shown to assist with gluten digestion
  • Also contains five additional enzymes to help with food breakdown
  • Supports healthy digestion of gluten and all macronutrients, normalizes enzyme levels, improves food absorption, and more

Clinicians Bladder Confidence


  • Unique formula includes SagaPro, made from a wild Icelandic herb
  • Supports normal urinary frequency and provides bladder confidence for both men and women
  • Fast-acting formula makes it ideal for endurance events

Clinicians Bladder Support & Cranberry


  • Contains Cranberry and D-Mannose, two powerful urinary tract support ingredients
  • Promotes urinary tract health and optimal bladder function
  • Comes in a convenient sachet form for easy portability and use

Good Health Viralex Soothe Lozenges


  • Combination of EpiCor, Menthol, and Wild Manuka Honey
  • EpiCor is a clinically-researched ingredient known to strengthen immune defences
  • Strengthens your immune system and helps clear airways,

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