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Sleep is a nutrient

Hi Guys!

This week I would like to share with you a person who really has helped us out on a personal level.

Some of you might know that we had our first little bundle of joy arrive in our life in 2016, Summer Rose Dunlop. It has been a crazy year juggling family, relationship and the business.

To add to that Summer has not been sleeping well, so if you received a mix up with your internet order, my apologies, sleep deprivation is a bitch!

There are a lot of conflicting information about getting babies to sleep and after some trial and error we found a lady called Dorothy Waide. Now Summer is sleeping through the night it has given us some sanity to our lives.

For anyone out there in the same position I wholeheartedly recommend her, you can find out some more information from here:

Here is a little article from Dorothy that I thought I would share with you. Thanks to you Dorothy! You are an angel!


Parenting is a life long journey and parenting to sleep is part of this journey.  Your parents are still parenting you.


Recognising the all-important connection between feeding and sleeping in my experience is the foundations of  a baby’s life. 


Babies need two nutrients food and sleep – they walk hand in hand – if they sleep well they will feed well OR if they feed well they will sleep well.


I encourage you to tune in to your baby’s needs and follow your instincts to interpret whenyour baby is tired, hungry or wants cuddles. In doing so you will help build your baby’s trust in their new world and boost your confidence as a loving and attentive parent.


Babies the world over need unconditional love, consistency and boundaries

to help them make sense of their new world and their place in it. I believe

nurturing is the secret to cushioning your baby’s transition from womb to

world, encouraging them to feed and sleep well


In my experience, rigid routines place unnecessary pressure on parents and

lead to clock-watching; and the result is parents forgetting to enjoy their baby.


Likewise, attachment parenting that is exclusively baby-led can be strenuous,

physically and emotionally demanding, and difficult to sustain. My approach

blends parent-led and baby-led parenting — I take the best from both worlds

and go straight down the middle.


With this in mind, I believe the best routine is one that fits with your family,

reflects the needs of you and your baby, and naturally evolves out of your

baby’s sleeping and feeding rhythms.


In my experience, babies under 12–16 weeks do not have the ability to

settle themselves to sleep — they are not born with the skills. Therefore it is

pointless (and goes against nurturing) to leave them alone in a bassinet or cot

to cry/grizzle — they have no idea how to fall sleep and need us as ‘teachers’ to

intervene and guide them.


While self-settling and resettling cannot be taught overnight, the first 12

weeks offer a perfect opportunity to begin building the foundations so that

somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks, they will have the fundamental skills —

and confidence — to be able to self-settle and resettle on their own with little



Yes babies do cry – it is their way of communicating so take time to STOP and listen and then act- it is important they are allowed to tell the story but it is also important to respond to their cry.   My favourite saying is TACT – time, acceptance, consistency and touch.


Remember you are your baby’s whisperer and your baby’s expert.   People like myself are your support people.  Often people ask me what my success rate is – I don't have one – you the parents have the success.      Again another question I often get asked is how many families have I helped.   – I don't count its not about me its about you the parents.