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January 18, 2017 free ebook: New Year's Resolution Handbook


If you've stopped by the blog recently, you know that our last couple of posts have been all about crushing your new year's resolutions. If you haven't seen them, take a second to check them out:


There's some great info to be found in both posts, but we wanted to go one step further: we put together a new, 100% free ebook for you. It's called the New Year's Resolution Handbook.

It follows a guy named Adam over the course of a year as he strives to accomplish his new year's resolution. Given that, this ebook places more of an emphasis on reacting and adaptingthan on planning. Having a solid plan in place is a good start, but even the most brilliant strategies can crumble in the face of stiff resistance. If (and realistically, when) that happens, you have to be ready. 

So while you'll learn a bit about the process of choosing resolutions, you'll learn even more about how to define effective strategies and how to manage both shifting goals and halted progress. If any of that sounds helpful to you, you can grab the New Year's Resolution Handbook right here.

We hope it helps you become even more awesome this year!


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