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Supplement Spotlight: Victory Labs Hydro Complete

July 22, 2016

Supplement Spotlight: Victory Labs Hydro Complete


Why Victory Labs Hydro Complete?

Let's keep this short and sweet. This protein supplement features 100% pure hydrolised whey protein isolate. It's cold temperature membrane filtered. In normal-person speak, Hydro Complete is all about purity. The process ensures that in a natural and bio-available state.


Hydro Complete is not extracted with acid, friction, or high heat techniques that have the potential to denature the protein. Nope, none of that here. It's undenatured, pure, and awesome.


What's in Hydro Complete Whey Protein?

  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Wide range of micro-fractions that aid in muscle repair
  • NO gluten, soy, or preservatives!
  • 25 grams of protein per scoop


Not bad, huh? Plus, you can choose from five great flavors: chocolate, vanilla, mocha, chocolate hazelnut, and chocolate peanut banana. Alright, the lineup is a little chocolate-heavy...but we don't think that's something to complain about!




For a limited time, you have a chance to win a trip to Olympia 2016 in Las Vegas when you purchase Victory Labs Hyrdo Complete. I know - it's an awesome deal! See the full details on the contest page

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