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What to do in Las Vegas if you WIN the grand prize part one!

and number one! (and it's part of the prize)

The Olympia Expo

Hands down for us this is a great experience, both Kim and I have been there, and it was/is awesome!

Whether you are into bodybuilding, MMA or any kind of health and fitness, it is our mecca.

There are loads of athletes from around the globe from different disciplines just walking around, celebrities you name it. But for us it was the supplements swag.

I have never seen so many samples, testers and deals it was crazy. Kim and I had to buy two new suitcases to bring it home in

My Expo Tips! 

Rule one : Don't try all samples / tasters on offer at the expo, after that 13th shot of pre work out things can go a little crazy

Rule two: Pack light from New Zealand. just bring your favourite jandals, togs, summer out fit, the rest you buy... more shopping tips to come.

Rule three: Bring your credit card, some of the show specials are half our cost price. But if you still have cash left over from the Cash Cube, use it, its always quicker.

Rule Four: Charge your phone and bring a backup battery pack, for those selfie hunters it is your time to shine. Also helps if you lose your partner in the madness and need to meet back up.

Rule Five: Go early, like everywhere in the world the early bird gets the worm, there is some serious crowds, get in and hit your favourite brands promo stands early then start from the beginning again.

Rule Six: Hydrate - water is your friend, all the sample, deal and selfie hunting is hard work.

Rule seven : Don't be rude and just hit and run stands for samples, take this opportunity to speak with people who know, they will appreciate someone taking the time with them and you can download from them some info, training tips and more.

Rule Eight : Choose your lines wisely, make sure that what you get is something you want to be lining up for. Some of the lines can get SUPER long, suss out first what it is that people are getting - it might be for some ugly t-shit you would never wear..

I have been to many expos and this exceeded my expectations!



Remember the prize guys!

Grand Prize is  1 x Trip for 2 to Las Vegas, 5 nights accommodation, Tickets to the Olympia Finals night and Expo   

6 x prizes of a $1000 Supplement pack from Victory Labs and Titan PLUS 30 seconds in the cash cube to WIN CASH, you might need some spending money yeah?

All you need to do is get any of these two products to be into WIN!

Titan TitanVictory Labs Victory Labs

 Mr Olympia Expo - Las Vegas, NV, United States. In cash line, Olympia Expo 2015