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Burpee workouts for beginners, intermediate and for the advanced level

Nothing But Burpees Burpee madness. Death by burpee. The burpee fiesta. Entirely too many burpees. As you see below, there are three tiers: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You might also notice that the difficulty of burpees varies with each tier. Beginners have it easy - perform each of the three variations in one-minute sets. For the intermediates, perform all three of the beginner variations, plus the three intermediate burpees for a total of six one-minute sets. You probably see where this is going - for the advanced, perform all three beginner burpees, all three intermediate burpees, and all three advanced burpees for a total of nine one-minute sets. Beginner 1) No Pushup Burpee:     The beginner burpee of beginner burpees. Squat down, kick out to a pushup position, jump back in, and explode upwards off your toes. If you need to take a little more difficulty away, ditch the jump at the end. 2) Standard Burpee: Now, the real thing. Squat down, kick out to a pushup position, perform a pushup, jump back in, and explode upwards off your toes. If pushups are difficult for you, start on your knees and ease into them. 3) Variation Pushup Burpee Nothing complicated yet. When you drop into pushup position, don't do a standard pushup. Mix it up with a pushup variation - spider, offset, pause, clap. Most pushup variations can also be done from the knees. Intermediate 4) Burpee with Pull: Time to add a pull to the push. Perform a standard burpee under a pullup bar - make sure it's within reach of your hands with a small jump. This time, as you explode upward, grab onto the bar and perform a pullup. If pullups are too difficult, don't worry about the jump. Set a smith machine bar to a high notch, angle your body as needed, and work into them ( 5) Variation Pushup Burpee with Pull Another small twist. This is the same as the previous burpee, but use a different pushup variation - diamond, close to wide, side to side. 6) Burpee with Variation Pull Now, we'll make the pull slightly harder. Perform a standard burpee and jump to a pullup bar. Instead of doing a regular pullup, use a variation - pause, wide grip, sliding. Advanced 7) Burpee with Pull and Leg Raise: One of the last few twists. Perform a standard burpee with a pullup. At the bottom of the pullup, perform a leg or knee raise. 8) Burpee with Pull and Leg Raise/Hold This is just slightly harder than the previous. It's the same movement, but add a slight (1-3 second) pause to the leg or knee raise. During the raise, try to keep your lower back as flat as possible. Dead bugs are a great practice tool for this ( 9) Burpee to Muscle Up: Finally, the most difficult variation. Perform a standard burpee and jump to a pullup bar. As you finish the pullup, explode upward, over the bar. Make sure to lock out your elbows - you'll finish in the starting dip position. What You Need To Know: Don't be afraid to take rest between sets if you need it. Burpees are very cardiovascularly demanding, especially with the addition of pushups and pullups. From a technique standpoint, try not to bounce into the pushup - it puts big stress on your lower back. Try to use an actual squat to drop into the pushup position, rather than a big bend. And finally, if burpees irritate your lower back, try moving your feet into a wider stance to relieve some pressure.