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Creative Finishers to end your workout

Creative Finishers Today, we're not going to talk about a specific workout or program. Instead, we'll touch on one small but effective piece of the puzzle: finishers. Strength coaches love to throw finishers out at the end of tough workouts, and I'm a big fan of it, too. Below, you'll find six different options for finishers with a few ideas for progression.   Ball Throw Complex 1) Twist Throw: Untitled   2) Overhead Throw:     3) Slam:   Start with the twist throw. Set your feet shoulder-width with knees slightly bent, at a 90-degree angle to a wall. Hold a ball in both hands. Twist towards he wall and let one arm explode, throwing the ball at the wall - make sure it flies in a straight line. Knock out reps on both sides, and then move to the overhead throw. With ball in hands overhead, set up in a split stance. Let it explode towards the wall and kick out with your back leg. Finally, finish with the slam. Start in a soft, athletic stance with a medicine ball at your chest. Raise the ball above your head, come up onto your toes, and slam it down.   Sprint, Shuffle, Sprint 1) 400M Sprint, 200M Shuffle, 100M Sprint 2) 200M Sprint, 100M Shuffle, 50M Sprint 3) 100M Sprint, 50M Shuffle, 25M Sprint   This sprint complex combines short sprints, easy shuffles, and more short sprints. This not only builds your conditioning, but improves leg speed and strength. For the first round, run a 400M sprint, a relaxed 200M shuffle, and a 100M sprint. Round two cuts the numbers in half: 200M sprint, 100M shuffle, 50M sprint. On the third round, make one more cut. This means a 100M sprint, 50M shuffle, and 25M sprint. If this sounds too difficult for you where you're currently at, perform the first sprint of each set at an easy pace, then go all-out on the shorter sprint. Work up to near max effort.   Hop, Hop, Jump 1) Pogo Hop: Pogo jumps turn you into a human spring. Try to achieve a rhythmic bouncing motion as seen in the video. And, if you're feeling up for it, try to add some height. Be sure to spring off your toes and land on them. 2) Lateral Hop: (Progress to: 3) Low Box Jump: The pogo and lateral hops may seem easy at first, but they'll start to beat you down after a few sets combined with the box jumps. First, become a human spring for the pogo hops. Shoot for a rhythmic bouncing motion, springing from and landing on your toes. Progress these by adding height. Next, perform the same motion from side to side. Progress these by increasing the side to side distance. Finally, finish with the low box jumps. By low, aim for 12 to 18 inches. Be mindful of your technique, but try to maintain a quick pace. And don't forget the arm swing!   Hit the Floor 1) Inchworm: 2) Pushup: (Progress to: 3) Bear Crawl: This exercise combination creates a non-stop circuit that's sure to fatigue your shoulders, so get ready for it. Begin with the inchworm. Lean forward and drop your hands to the floor. Now, walk your hands forward into a pushup position. Knock out 3 to 5 push-ups, then walk your feet towards your hands. You'll end up in a perfect bear crawl position. You can guess what to do from here - bear crawl. Aim for 10 or 20 meters. Repeat the circuit!   Carry, Push, Sprint 1) Goblet Carry: 2) Sled Push: Consider the prowler push a step up from the sled. Most of you probably don't have access to one of these, but you can rig together something similar with a little creativity. Stay low and drive, drive, drive. 3) Sprint This may be the most functional finisher on the list. By functional, I mean applicable to real life. Start with the goblet carry. Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell at your chest and start walking forward. Progress this by using a shuffle instead of a walk. Be wary of your posture - don't let it sag. Next, drop the weight and set up in front of your prowler or makeshift sled. Drop down low, drive forward hard, and stay low throughout. Finally, finish with a fast and explosive 50M sprint.   Interval Burpees: 30s easy (with pushup), 20s hard (no pushup) This may be the most difficult of the bunch. Everyone loves intervals, right? You can do them on a treadmill, rowing machine, or exercise bike. Unfortunately, they work equally well when applied to burpees. Alternate between 30 seconds of relaxed, easy pace bureeps with the pushup included, and 20 seconds of all-out, completely gassing burpees with no pushup. Interpret the word relaxed based on your fitness level, whether that means 1 burpee in 30 seconds or 5.   What You Need to Know: For the sets with no specific distance or reps mentioned, your best bet is to stick with time. Shoot for 20 to 40 seconds per set and 1 to 3 rounds of the circuit.