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Garth's Muscletech Summer Training Tips.

Garth's MuscleTech Summer Tip - 09/12/13

It’s summer time and what do we want most this time of year…to get/stay lean!!! This time around I’m going to talk about fasted cardio. Don’t fall into the trap…fasted cardio can be very misunderstood! The term “fasted” cardio basically means you don’t want to go and eat a BIG meal before cardio. If you do you will end up using the calories from that food for energy during your cardio and in turn won’t lose much bodyfat. What you want is for your body to use stored bodyfat as energy during your cardio, how do we do this, no food before cardio!!! This means our body has no calories to use for energy when we are on that treadmill or crosstrainer, so it looks for energy elsewhere and the first place it goes to is stored bodyfat! BUT…big mistake people make is that they don’t have the replenishment they need before going in for that long cardio session. What replenishment do we need…BCAA`s and Glutamine!!! These are so crucial, you don’t want your body to feed off of muscle as well as fat during your cardio session…this will only result in a flat and depleted body over time, in other words not much definition and tone…not the look you want… How do we prevent that, take 2 scoops of Muscletech Aminobuild pre cardio first thing in the morning. What is Muscletech Aminobuild…it’s a BCAA, Glutamine and Electrolyte powder made to drink before, during or after exercise. Electrolytes are important too for rehydration, first thing in the morning drink a big glass of water with your Muscletech Aminobuild. This is also crucial to cleanse your system and make sure our organs are working properly. The BCAA`s and Glutamine will help preserve our muscle whilst we are in fat burning mode! Most importantly, always consult with a nutritionist to ensure your diet is spot on, if your diet is off you are going to be wasting your hard work in the gym and will most likely achieve minimalist results rather than maximal. Have a happy, healthy and most importantly safe holiday season. For those of you travelling, safe journeys and we will see you when you get back.

Garth VDM, Muscletech Athlete