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Muscletech Nano Vapor and Muscletech Anotest reviews from Garth VDM

Muscletech Report 2013 Auckland Raw Push Pull Powerlifting competition at Miada Avondale - 05/11/13 This past weekend we had the 2013 Auckland Raw Push Pull Powerlifting competition at Miada Gym Avondale. A great turnout of 30 lifters who all showed great strength and effort at this amazing event! We gave away prizes to the top 3 in both the male and the female classes, with the overall male winner receiving a 3lb Muscletech Cell Tech and the female winner a 2lb Muscletech NItrotech both from Muscletechs Pro Series. We also gave away a free Muscletech Nano Vapor and Muscletech Anotest sample to each athlete, which served perfectly for the big lifting they had ahead of them. A bit of product knowledge for those of you that don’t know much about these products, Ill list the 2 samples we gave away with explanations on what they are and what they do: Muscletech Nano Vapor- Is a preworkout drink typically consumed half an hour before training in order to give you a boost of energy and focus for the workout ahead of you. It contains key ingredients such as caffeine and L Theanine which improve both energy and focus. Creatine, L Citrulline malate and quercetin for Strength, muscle recovery and pumps! Muscletech Anotest-  Contains key ingredients D-Aspartic acid and boron which have both been shown to increase testosterone by up to 40%! This alone can produce bigger, fuller and harder muscles. Other key ingredients in this product are L Carnitine which improves the uptake of testosterone into the muscle cells and also has fat burning properties! Lastly we have BCAA`s and Glutamine which are there for muscle recovery as they have been shown to decrease cortisol (a catabolic hormone that inhibits lean muscle gains) Stay tuned for more in the next article where I’ll explain another product and how it’s used. Garth VDM, Muscletech Athlete