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Summer training tip

January 28, 2014

summer tip
This time around I`m going to talk about the use of Muscletech 100% Ultra-Pure Carnitine Liquid as a fat metabolizer.
To start off I`m going to explain what L-Carnitine is... L-Carnitine is an amino acid metabolite that helps transport fatty acids to the mitochondria, the mitochondria provides your muscle cells with energy. In other words L-Carnitine is a key ingredient in ones goal to lose any stubborn bodyfat.
Next up, a very common question I get asked is when is the best time to take L-Carnitine. There are typically 2 very important times to take L-Carnitine, but Im going to give you another 2 that can be very beneficial in you reaching that goal of a slimmer waistline.
The most common times to take L-Carnitine is first thing in the morning precardio and pre weights workout. This is purely for the benefits of transporting fatty acids for energy production, thus giving you more strength and endurance in the gym and helping you tighten that waistline.
Now this is where it gets interesting, there are 2 more times you can take L-Carnitine for optimal results... the first is after training and and the other time is before bed. Why after training? Here we go, 100% Ultra-Pure Carnitine Liquid delivers a precise daily dose of 2,000mg of L-Carnitine, an ingredient shown in multiple human studies to support post-workout recovery by improving muscle tissue repair and reducing muscle tissue damage! In other words quicker recovery for leaner and harder muscle!
The last time of day I`m going to tell you about is my personal favorite. I take L-Carnitine on my off days of gym before bed. Why before bed? Think about it...we are sleeping for an average of 6-8 hours a night, when we sleep we are in a fasted state and our body still uses energy to sleep believe it or not. When our bodies have no calories to feed off of for energy it will start looking elsewhere and we don't want it to feed off of our precious hard earned muscle. So the use of L-Carnitine before bed helps our body use stored bodyfat as energy and also as stated before helps our body with recovery.
Muscletech 100% Ultra-Pure Carnitine Liquid has been flavored with a delicious orange taste you know and love. If you are an athlete looking to improve recovery for your sport or you are just looking to optimize your body's muscle repair and shed a little unwanted bodyfat, Muscletech 100% Ultra-Pure Carnitine Liquid is a great supplement choice for you.
There we go peeps, some info for you on the use of L-Carnitine for those ripped hard abs and hard earned lean muscle. It`s not only about what we are doing that ensures our goals are met, but also how we are doing it. Hope I could pass on a little wisdom and help you all reach your summer goals.
Garth VDM, Muscletech Athlete.

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