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251K Lincoln Road

Waitakere 0610

22B Cavendish Drive

Manukau 2104

4 Aranui Road

Auckland 1060

1 Wagener Place

Auckland 1025

Pro Supps Sponsored Athlete: Jesse Sink



'That which does not kill us, makes us stronger'. 


In 2006, Fitness model Jesse Sink woke up on top of a train at Penn Station, where he was electrocuted, burned alive and given two days to live. Surviving 800 volts, 13 surgeries, an arm amputation and two months in a coma, Jesse Sink has re-learned how to walk, write, talk and kick-ass Now a Pro Supps athlete, a fitness trainer and model, amateur bodybuilder and spokesperson, Jesse Sink is living the dream.


'Strength is a state of mind. What you think holds you back can actually move you forward. I've found that people come up with a lot of excuses to give up, but if they could see someone like me living healthy, someone who has moved past the point of giving up, it might inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle. And no, I don't think I have a disadvantage. If you have something wrong with you, whatever it may be, that doesn't define you. The very thing you think is wrong with you could actually inspire someone else. So I think I have an advantage.' 



Body Part: Glutes

Prep Meal: Asparagus, steak and sweet potato

Exercise: Chest cable-fly

Sport: Basketball

Pro Supps products: TC-F Isolate Chocolate, DR Jekyll Orange.


Tip? Finish up your glutes with single leg smith lunges. Love how these target the glutes. Go deep, no half reps...get the knee all the way to the floor and drive through your heal on the lead leg!


Lastly... 'Diet is the key to making or breaking your fitness goals. And don't skip leg day!!!!'