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Pro Supps Sponsored Athlete - Kelcie Gahley

October 08, 2014

Pro Supps Sponsored Athlete - Kelcie Gahley

As a former gymnast and cheerleader I can truly understand the importance of stretching for my everyday life and for my performance in sport activities. Now as a Fitness Professional and getting further into bodybuilding, I am very thankful that I came into lifting weights with the flexibility I needed and with the knowledge of proper stretching.

Here is why:

Helps improve flexibility

Assists in correct posture                                                                          
Potential to decrease injury


'In my opinion stretching helps to prevent injuries. For instance, you can do dynamic stretches before and during your training session to help 'fire up' your muscles. After working out you want to cool down, therefore, static stretching will help you with your recovery process.' 


Favourite Body Part to Train: Abs & Shoulders

Prep Meal: 99% Lean Ground Turkey, Quinoa and Broccoli

Favorite ProductsJekyll Pre Workout. It gives me the focus I need to lift, and Crash because it gives me great restful sleep even after hitting hard late at night. 

Cheat Meal: Pizza, cheeseburgers, sushi and chocolate chip cookies! 

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