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October 08, 2014

 'Train insane or remain the same!' 


 From Ohio, US, Jaimie Bernhardt was a student at Kent State University studying fashion, and living the typical student life (think pizza, partying and beer). In 2007 she met John Foster who got her hooked on heavy lifting and she hasn't looked back since!


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 Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from within. I always aim to be better and progress in life. I've never been the type to settle for less than what I deserve. 


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 Three Tips?

1.    Consistency is key.

2.  Believe in yourself.

3.  Remember that hard work ALWAYS pays off.


 Daily Diet?

Meal 1: Egg Whites & ¼ cup of Oats with Cinnamon

Meal 2: 4 oz. Chicken & 3 oz. Sweet Potato

Meal 3: 4 oz. Chicken & 1 cup spinach

Meal 4: 5 oz. Tilapia & ¼ Avocado

Meal 5: Pro supps Isolate Protein & 1 tbs of Almond Butter



What exercises have contributed the most to building your physique?

The three exercises that I consider the best building blocks to my body are walking lunges with weight shoulder press with free weights and squats. 


What is the most common question that people ask you? 
The most common question I get about training would probably be my abs. They ask how I have such a flat stomach and I tell them abs are made in the kitchen! 

Glutes/Plyometrics Workout

Leg Curls -  7x12

Straight Leg Deadlift with Dumbbell - 5x10

Cable Kickbacks - 7x15

Sumo Squats - 3x12

Barbell Hip Thrusts - 4x15

Box Jumps 3 rounds - 1 min

Paratroops 3 rounds - 1 min

30 Burpees

Jump Squats 3 rounds - 1 min 


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