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251K Lincoln Road

Waitakere 0610

22B Cavendish Drive

Manukau 2104

4 Aranui Road

Auckland 1060

1 Wagener Place

Auckland 1025

Balance Sponsored Athlete: Sue Bettridge

Balance sponsored athlete - Sue Bettridge


Most recent/best competition results:

We'll in my six years of competing; I've done over forty comps throughout the Four federations in NZ- NABBA, INBA, NABBA-WFF and NZIFBB. Of all these I have only ever placed outside of first place three times - being two seconds and one third place... So my winning success rate is extremely high, I push myself very hard. I hold NZ National titles for 2012 and 2013 in both NABBA-WFF and NZIFBB. This year I've won the Nabba-wff Christchurch Grand Prix Figure overalls, went to Southern Hemispheres in Gold Coast Australia and won there, then the biggy - my most massive accomplishment - Ms UNIVERSE 2014 in Seoul Korea.

Where do you find inspiration to train and compete?

I'm a very self motivated and driven person and I'm always out to push my own boundaries...see what I've got within, how far can I push today and how can I improve or make changes from yesterday.

How did you get into this sport?

I joined a gym to tone up, feel healthier and improve my physique ....I got talked into doing my first comp....and at the time I said it would be my first an


We'll six years on and I'm still talk of any lasts at the moment lol


Hardest part about being a Bodybuilder:

Hardest part about being a b/builder is 'what goes in your mouth' especially if you want to be outstanding on stage....nutrition is 80% in this game.

Best part about being a Bodybuilder:

Taking control of your mind and body both physically and mentally, molding into the shape you desire....then getting on stage which for me is completion of that journey....then a new journey begins for next phase/comp.

Sports Supplements you take and when:
Balance WPI, Balance Ultra Ripped, Balance 100% Whey - Two S, Balance 100% Whey - Two Serves a day, one round my training and one in the evening. 

Balance Amino ProThree serves throughout the day.

Balance Sports Multi  - One in the morning.
Balance Peak ATP - Round training time. 

Balance L-Carnitine - Leading up to competition time. 

Balance s range of low Carb protein bars - great yummy sweet treat anytime.


Words of wisdom for upcoming bodybuilders or potential bodybuilders out there: 

What ever journey/sport you undertake, it must be for YOU...NO ONE ELSE...dig deep within...set the goal...and continually and consistently do something everyday to move towards it...this is your life, take a hold of it, keep going forward and don't look back. 

- Sue