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Featured Staff of the Week: Jak

October 08, 2014

Featured Staff of the Week: Jak

What's up guys?    

It's Jak here, just letting you guys know what my current supplement stack is. My overall focus at the moment is to maintain strength, recovery and general health.


The current supplements I am taking are Scivation Xtend, Bio X Power Whey, Nutralife Men's Multi,,Clinicians Omega 3 Fish Oil, ProActive ProCrunch bars and APS Mesomorph pre-workout.


Scivation Xtend is my favourite Intra-Workout supplement and I enjoy sipping on it throughout the day and during workouts. My favourite flavour is grape escape, green apple is also good too.  


I take a scoop of Biox Power Whey for post workout and recovery. My favourite flavour is chocolate peanut butter which is delicious!


I take Nutralife Men's Multi capsules in the morning as it is essential to get in my daily intake of Vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 


I take two capsules of Clinicians Omega-3 Fish oil in the morning, which is another necessity as it helps with cognitive function, skin care, joint health and body composition.


I take ProActive ProCrunch bars as snacks to get in extra protein and also satisfy my cravings for something sweet. My favourite flavour is chocolate fudge. 


The pre-workout I am currently taking is APS mesomorph. I take one scoop 30mins before workout as it gives me an extra boost to lift heavier when attempting PRs at the gym. My favourite flavour is pineapple.


So there you go guys, that is my current stack. Hope this helps.  




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