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March 09, 2015


Not only is Dhiren Dunraj a Balance Sponsored Athlete, but he's also works at Vitaco Health as a Product Development Technologist, so has been involved with developing some of Balance's top supplements out on the Market today. Here's a little bit about him below.


Most recent/best competition results?

  • GPC nationals: 1st place under 75kgs, 3rd place Open Men (all weight classes). 6th place overall (all weight classes, all ages)
  • Personal Best Competition lifts: Squat = 200kg @72kgs BW, Bench 140kg @75kgs BW, Deadlift 230kgs @72kgs BW
  •  Currently hold the GPC NZ raw records for Under 75kgs: Squat 200kg, Deadlift 230kgs and 3-lift total 560kgs


Where do you find inspiration to train and compete?
My gym buddies - also known as the body business ape squad. Strongest, smartest dudes around - always help with motivation, smart new techniques and unrelated gym banter. 

How did you get into this sport?
Somebody told me I can bench a lot and I should do a competition - My first competition was the University of Auckland annual powerlifting comp and I've been addicted since then. 

Hardest part about being a Power Lifter?
Doing Russian powerlifting programmes which involve 3 hour gym sessions with 20+ sets of squats. Always mentally and physically draining. 

Best part about being a Power Lifter?
The adrenaline rush you get when you lift as much weight as physically possible for the human body - and that rewarding feeling after you lift it.

Sports Supplements you take and when?

Being a supplement formulation chemist, it helps me understand how important supplements are, currently I take:

Morning: Probiotic, Kyolic Garlic, Fish oil, Balance L-carnitine, Balance Sports Multi Plus Antioxidants, magnesium, CoQ10, Balance 100% Micronised Creatine, colostrum, Balance 100% Whey.

Pre-workout: Fish oil, L-Tyrosine, Balance Pure Beta-Alanine, Balance L-carnitine, caffeine (coffee)

Intra-workout: Balance BCAAs with Balance Glutamine.

Post-workout/Evening: Fish oil, Vitamin C (Ester C), Vitamin D, Balance 100% Whey, Balance 100% Micronised Creatine.

Some of those are for training, some for general health.


Words of wisdom for upcoming Powerlifters out there:

  • Focus on form/technique not numbers. If you are focusing on trying to impress some random person in the gym you aren't focusing on your goal

I'm a chemist and formulate balance products. As a consumer I'd be more satisfied if people formulating my supplements knew more about lifting weights. - Dhiren Dunraj



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