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Adversity Is What Makes You

We came across this motivational video by Joe Rogan the other day. He talks about how becoming successful is an option for anybody and everybody and that the biggest barrier is you and the excuses you make to escape from trying in life. 



“I completely agree with you and we are going to get attacked for this by people who are unhappy with their choices in life and that’s a fact. You know there’s a bunch of people that will say, ‘yeah well I’ve got a family, so you know it’s all a great idea for you to just go out there and go crazy but I have people to support’. You need to listen. Stop saying that. Stop saying any of those things. Every single person who has ever done anything worthwhile or exceptional or difficult or extraordinary, anyone, whether it’s great artists, or authors, or mathematicians, or whatever the fuck it is, everyone encounters difficulties. There is no easy road. It does not exist. It is impossible. Everyone has issues. If you have time to pursue a hobby, if you have time to do anything in your life, you can better yourself and here’s one way you’d never better yourself - When you come up with excuses for why other people are successful and you’re not. That shit is fucking dangerous. When you give yourself an escape. ‘ Yeah well that’s easy for you to say you know you do this you do ….’ Trust me, everybody has a hard road. I wanted to jump out of a window several times during my young life. I wanted to jump in front of a fucking train just end it because it’s too much pressure. We all go through hard times. We all go through depression. We all go through doubt and then moments in your life when it’s really fucking difficult and you’re trying to figure out what the fuck your path is going to be and it’s hard as shit. But that is what makes you a person and those difficult moments are what build your character. Show me a great man who’s the son of a great man. You know that’s what we were saying. These kids that are born billionaires, you’re fucked. You’re fucked. You’re never going to be a self-made person. I think everyone looks forward to this utopian time where, whatever motivates them, drives them, freaks them out right now can be set aside, the work is done and you can just sort of like watch the sunset over the pond. And the problem is this utopian vision of the future that we have is probably a carrot that’s on a stick that we’ll just never reach. And we keep working hard to improve our society and our life and our selves and our families and our relationships, hoping that one day we’ll achieve this ultimate peace that will never come…”


I hope that sharing this will inspire and motivate others out there too.