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3 Awesome Rotational Exercises You Need To Do

Rotational movement is a piece of training that people tend to ignore entirely. This isn't surprising considering the total lack of "sexy" factor. Twisting exercises typically don't allow you to use a super heavy load, and they aren't the coolest looking movements.


But you know what? They're fantastic. They absolutely deserve a place in your training program. Here's why:


  • You use rotational movement every single day 
  • Twisting builds badass obliques
  • All core strength is good strength


Now that you know how awesome rotation is, you're going to need a few exercises. No problem there - we got ya covered. To start, choose any of the three exercises below and add them to a workout or two each week. Do 2-3 sets of 8-10 per side.


Straight Arm Twist

This is one of the most basic rotational exercises. It's considered a disassociated twist - your shoulders move while your hips stay locked in place.



Low-High Twist

Unlike the first twist, this variation teaches you to move your hips and shoulders together. Start with low-high, then switch it up with high-low.




Going through the full range of a rotation is great, but it's not the only piece to the puzzle. The anti-rotation, also known as the Pallof Press, is exactly as it sounds. The goal isn't to twist, but to resist rotation.