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July 07, 2016


Let's just get straight to the point: motivation is tough. It's hard to come by and it's even harder to hold on to. This isn't a new revelation, but it's still worth highlighting. It's sort of like running a marathon in that it's a game of endurance plagued by uncertainty and a maddening amount of highs and lows.

But hey - keep your chin up. If you ever find yourself in a motivation-deprived spot, try one of the three following tips to reboot your system.


1. Plan ahead.

In other words, create a routine and stick to it. Planning not only builds momentum, but it also helps you hold onto it. Some people can get away with winging it, but many can't function this way. Until you know otherwise, assume you need a plan to succeed. Make the plan clear to yourself - choose your workout days, outline your nutrition plan, and schedule out whatever else you need to. 


2. Set micro goals.

These goals are just as they sound - they're tiny, bite-sized goals. Think of a micro goal as the baby version of a big goal. If your big goal is to be able to run 10 kilometers non-stop, then you might have micro goals at one-kilometer increments. You'll hit these goals much more often, and let's be real: crushing goals is motivation in its purest form.


3. Let others inspire you.

I know this sounds like the exact opposite of what "self help" is supposed to be, but it's worth a try. If all of your efforts turn up short, and you still can't find the motivation you need, turn to other people. Watch that total beast dude in the gym press four plates on bench press. Steal a glance or five at that dedicated runner you see bright and early on your way to work. 

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