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3 Types of Exercises for Rapid Fat Loss

Six pack abs


People love to throw around this popular phrase: "abs are made in the kitchen."

There's plenty of truth to it  we won't dispute the importance of rocking a solid eating plan, and that should be your number one priority if you're trying to shred body fat. But that doesn't give you a free pass to ignore what you do in the gym. The exercises you choose for each workout play a vital role in fat loss, too  don't forget that.

With that said, some exercises are much more effective than others when it comes to accelerating fat loss. Sure, you can neglect your exercise selection and still make okay progress, but why not give it a little love and make awesome progress?

If you're struggling to choose exercises that fit your fat loss goals, try any (or all) of these moves in your next workout.


Combo Exercises

Combining two exercises together comes with a couple of big fat loss benefits. First, combo exercises give you the potential to hit more muscles in one go, increasing the overall demand on your body. Second, they extend the total duration of the set, and you probably know what that means: your heart rate will shoot through the roof.

The concept of combo exercises is ridiculously open-ended, so there aren't many limitations. You can take the easier route by slapping together moves that work different muscle groups, or you can build brutal combos by doubling down on a specific muscle group. It's all up to you.

Burpees are probably one of the most popular examples of a combo movement, but they’re overused and often butchered. Shake it up with these three combos instead.


Bear Crawl to Pushup


TRX Body Saw to Pike


Kettlebell Clean to Press



These should take you back to gym class as a kid (sorry if that wasn't the best time of your life), and they'll make you feel like a kid too. Hops aren't the most glamorous exercises, and they're definitely goofy, but they're also a great fat loss aid.

Hops are on the light side of fast and explosive, and they teach the basic principles of power generation and landing mechanics that you'll need to take on jumps. Plus, they spike your heart rate and that's what we want.

Try this beginner progression, then work up to the single leg versions of each hop.


Forward/Backward Hop


Lateral Hop


Zig Zag Hop



Jumps are a natural progression from hops, but they're more explosive and more complex. They’re typically associated with sports and the idea that you need to achieve the most horizontal or vertical distance possible, but that's only one way to look at them.

When you shift the focus from intensity to speed and volume (within reason), jumps turn into an excellent fat loss exercise for the average person. They can be rough though, so ease into them with this beginner progression.


Pogo Jump


Squat Jump


Low Box Jump


While these three types of exercises work especially well for shredding body fat, they're definitely not the only options. Just make sure to prioritize exercises that include lots of movement and get your heart pumping.