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4 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated This Weekend

Just a note before you read this – Know that spending time with friends, family and enjoying hobbies is crucial. The thoughts and recommendations in this post aren’t meant to derail you from enjoying life, but give you inspiration and guidance on how you can better manage your time in the weekend.

During the week, people that trigger our productivity surround us. We don't have that same environment on the weekends, so we need to be mindful not to put ourselves in situations where we can't be effective and efficient when we need to be.

There are 4 ways that you can prevent, or at the very least marginalize your productivity on the weekends.


Plan for the Worst

Yes, weekends are tough, they take the time in the world to arrive and then disappear in the blink of an eye. But planning is the key. Plan what you have to do all three nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Try to stay in at least one night of the three. When you know which nights you're going out, you can reverse plan for when you can get work done.



Be Mindful of your Routine

Weekends are tough for many of us because we are out of our routine. Planning is one of the most important action steps we can make when it comes to a healthy lifestyle--not just for the weekends -- but also for every day. Also never underestimate the power of simple activity. So many people focus on their 40 hours during the week, they do not realise that there is always time for activities outside of this time period; you just need to identify your priorities and stick to them.



Plan "Buffer" Time

The idea of "Buffer Time," in which it's recommended that you clean up any fires you have -- the little things that don't take much time, but can often get lost in the shuffle of life. Buffer Time is during that Friday evening or late Saturday afternoon, when you can "lounge" during a movie, but also attend to emails, prepare documents, and schedule your upcoming week. After all, if you start planning your week on Monday, you're already behind. During this buffer time you should prepare your meals for the week and schedule all the events that will take place in your upcoming week. This will let you identify when you can fit in workouts and other commitments such as grocery shopping.



Stop Comparing Yourself

This is easily the most important and hardest piece of advice we can offer: don't ever compare your needs to anyone else's. One the biggest issues can be the resentment that some of our friends can take the entire weekend off and not have a care in the world. However you must realise that you have entirely different goals, and to compare yourself to them would be ridiculous. Resentment is a wasted emotion since it won't take you in the direction you want. Only you can reason through that for yourself. Just remember you have the power to make the changes that you're looking for in your life -- no one else can make them for you.