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7 Ways to Transform Your Love of Fitness into a Career

By Mark Barroso

“Looking good naked” is a perfectly acceptable reason to exercise. With that said, some of us still feel like we have more to provide in the world of fitness and athletics. It starts as a hobby and before we know it, fitness is more than just what we do, it’s who we are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into bodybuilding, CrossFit, running, biking, strongman, OCR, kayaking, or even extreme sports…if you’ve discovered a love of fitness that you want to pursue, here are a few ways to jumpstart your fitness career:

Get Certified

Working with clients as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, registered dietician or strength coach is a great way to grow your knowledge base and help others achieve their fitness goals. Aside from pursuing a career in physical education (we’ll get to that below), this can be the most time-consuming to start. But the rewards are plentiful, as you can train people at gyms, in their homes, or outdoors. Getting certified helps you build up your network one client at a time.

Start a Fitness Blog

While creating your own fitness blog may be easy, updating it regularly is what becomes more time consuming. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth it if you’re someone who wants to build your reputation. The act of writing about what you find noteworthy in the fitness industry, whether it be about your own training, a fitness class you tried, a supplement you tested or a recipe you created for dinner, will gain traction. Content will always be key so don’t hesitate sharing your stories because you think your blog has to be perfect.

Ask Friends to Workout

If you haven’t seen a friend in a while, ask them to come workout with you. It’s a perfect opportunity to test your fitness program, while also helping those closest to you get in shape. If you do this with just a few people, you’ll start to build your reputation as the “fitness guy/girl.” Before you know it, others outside the circle will start coming to you for advice.

Go Network at Fitness Expos

A fitness expo is a gathering of health, nutrition and fitness vendors that generally occurs in-line with an athletic competition or series of events. In addition to scoring free stuff and seeing the best of the best compete, expos are great places to talk to some of the people behind these booths who have found ways to share their stories with the masses. Get advice, share your story and continue to foster relationships with those you meet.

Start a YouTube Channel

Like starting a fitness blog, creating a YouTube Channel is simple; continuing a YouTube channel proves difficult. A video channel allows you to share your workouts, training tips, and general fitness knowledge with the world in a way that’s easiest for them to consume.

Consider posting an honest stream of consciousness video reminding your viewers (and yourself) about why you started exercising in the first place. Our society is so caught up with laughing at “Bros” sketches (and while these guys are funny), it’s often lost that the end feeling should be more than laughter. It should make you want to better yourself.

Became an Educator

Pursuing a career in physical education is the often overlooked segment of the fitness industry. If you have any interest in fitness and have yet to obtain a college degree, look into the programs available in the exercise science department. If you’ve obtained a degree outside of exercise science but still want to make a career out of fitness education, there are online/on-campus Master’s programs for just about any nutrition or exercise science topic that interests you. Whether it’s a phys-ed teacher, athletic director, or school coach, there are plenty of opportunities to grow a career in the education side of fitness.

Develop a Message

There’s more to being successful in the fitness industry than social media followers. With the rise of social media in the fitness industry, it’s important for fitness enthusiasts of all ages to ask the following question: What’s my fitness message? In the search to find this answer, you may realize that inspiring other people to find happiness and purpose through physical activity is what builds a long-lasting career in fitness.


Mark Barroso

Mark Barroso is a contributor to Muscle & Fitness, Fitness Magazine, Spartan Race, and more. Follow him on Twitter @Mark_Barroso and visit his fitness website,