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Athlete Inspiration: EHPLabs Angelica Recaido


Every now and then, we like to feature athletes from the brands we carry. Their personal stories and accomplishments bring us motivation to keep pushing forward, and they make us proud to feature the supplements they use.


Today, we're featuring EHPLabs athlete Angelica Recaido!

"Angelica Recaido is a symbol of motivation for thousands in the fitness industry. She was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder at a young age and battled ongoing stints in hospital for her rheumatoid arthritis and severe psoriasis.

Battling weight issues for most of her life, Angelica went on a physical, emotional and inspirational journey for change, logging every step of her journey on social media and inspiring thousands around the world to follow her amazing transformation and believe in their own ability."


Where does your motivation come from?

"My awesome supporters who constantly comment, like, follow, email, and give me uplifting positive feedback. My story may be a motivating force to thousands of people, but I owe it back to them for fueling my drive and cheering me on to keep going."


What is your favorite EHPlabs product and why?

"I absolutely love Oxyshred (wild melon), Beyond BCAAs (Kiwi Strawberry), and I can’t forget the Oxywhey Lean Protein (Chocolate). Aside from the fact that EHPlab products are made with top quality ingredients, giving me clean energy (no jitters, anxiety, crash), these supplements support my fitness goals. I’m like a little kid eating candy from an ice cream truck, but instead of getting sugar wasted, I’m powered up and hyped the heck EHPlab’d out! All the supplements taste AMAZE BALLS! In all seriousness, I’ve got great results using these products."


What advice would you pass onto anyone that was looking to start their fitness journey and use supplements?

"Have faith and be patient with the process. In a recent Instagram posts I mentioned, “When I talk about patience I mean time. You have to give it time. Don’t expect things to be quick, fast, and easy. If it is, it won’t be long-term and it sure won’t be healthy. You have to take the long road and really gravitate towards being optimistic and hopeful.

Have hope that all your little steps will add up and you’ll eventually get to where you wanna be and embrace it all because even your set backs and failures will teach you something valuable.I want you to know that even your mistakes are diamonds to be treasured. It’s proof that you are trying. Learn, grow and constantly challenge yourself because you are capable of great things.”

Lastly, if you are new to supplements I would advise you to establish your fitness goals and then find supplements that support those goals. If it is to lose weight and burn body fat, find a supplement that support fat loss (OxyShred). Also, don’t forget to conduct research, read reviews, and ASK questions before purchasing the product."


Interested in learning more about Angelica? Check out her full athlete profile at EHPLabs


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