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September 19, 2016

Every now and then, we like to feature athletes from the brands we carry. Their personal stories and accomplishments bring us motivation to keep pushing forward, and they make us proud to feature the supplements they use.


Today, we're showcasing Optimum Nutrition athlete Jen Turnbull!



"I am a NPC Bikini competitor/Model & Makeup Artist. I enjoy crossfit, snowboarding, wakeboarding, golfing, traveling and hangin out with my friends. I started competitve sports around the age of 17 competing in top snowboarding competitions. I competed in slopestyle, big air and border cross competitions placing top in the women's pro snowboarding division. After doing snowboard competitions for a few years, my body started really taking some hard hits, so I decided to try a new sport which was figure & bikini. I competed in figure & bikini for a few years, and added crossfit in the mix as well. Crossfit soon became my passion and I have been competing in local crossfit competitions for the last 6 years."

"My training currently is high intensity crossfit along with weight training several days a week. I like to mix both together because it keeps me fit and it's still alot of fun for me! I believe that you can still be fit and look great while doing the things you love to do. I still snowboard all the time with my friends and have also taken up wakesurfing in the last few years. I am hoping to jump into a wakesurf competition here in the near future!"


Learn more about Jen by reading her full athlete profile via Optimum Nutrition.

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