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Easter Egg Circuit Workout

easter egg basket for workout


It's almost Easter once again! That means plastic eggs (and maybe some real ones, too), screaming kids, and hopefully a long and enjoyable weekend for everyone. Oh, and for the fitness fanatics out there, it probably means a workout, too. And if you're going to do a workout on Easter, you might as well make it an Easter-themed workout. 


What You Need:

  • An open space
  • A basket of Easter eggs
  • Paper and pen


Workout Prep:

There's a small amount of prep time involved for this workout, but it's optional. If you just want to knock out the workout and get on with your day, feel free to skip it and just choose the exercises you want to do.

If you'd rather be surprised, rip a piece of paper into 10 small strips and write down an exercise from the following list on each one:

  1. Lateral Lunge
  2. Squat Jump
  3. Mountain Climber
  4. Skater
  5. Inverted Row 
  6. Pushup
  7. Bear Crawl
  8. Reaching Plank
  9. Lateral Plank Walk
  10. Twisting Side Plank


Now, fold each piece of paper so you can't see the name, then mix them up. Pick five at random and place one inside each of five plastic eggs. You're ready to go!


The Workout:

  1. Set the basket of eggs in the middle of your open space. 
  2. Walk over to a spot about 15-25 meters away from the basket. That's your starting point.
  3. Hop to the basket as fast as you can, reach down and grab one egg, then sprint back to the start. Open the egg and do the exercise inside for 30-60 seconds (adjust to your fitness level). If you get tired of the normal hop, you can use single leg hops or lateral hops to mix it up.
  4. When you're done, repeat the process until there aren't any eggs left in the basket. You can take a short rest after you complete each exercise, or you can try to finish the workout without any rest.


This workout was designed with the solo experience in mind, but it works even better if you have a friend or two join you. Just increase the egg count and turn it into a race  the first one to finish five eggs wins!