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Lose Body Fat With This TRX Circuit Workout

TRX suspension trainer exercise


We just wrote a post about fat loss a couple weeks ago, but it performed so well that we wanted to follow it up with another. 

The TRX Suspension Trainer is perfect for both fat loss workouts and circuit workouts because there's little to no transition time between movements. Sure, you'll have to adjust the straps as you move from a chest press to a power pull, but that's all you have to do. There's no switching to a different piece of equipment or loading/unloading weights, and that means there's less time to recover as you go.

This TRX circuit workout features intermediate and advanced exercises, but there's an easier option listed for the most difficult ones. You'll have to handle a hop and a jump, plus three tough combination exercises. The explosiveness and intensity of the hopping and jumping exercises, paired with the time under tension and total body demand of the combo moves, makes this workout great for shredding body fat.

It's set up as a circuit, so do each exercise back to back with no rest between sets. You can take a rest when you finish the last exercise, then repeat the circuit two more times.


1: TRX Chest Press to Fallout

Strap length: Long

Reps: 8 (1 rep = 1 chest press and 1 fallout)

The chest press and fallout combo is one of the easier exercises in the workout, but both moves together will fry your core in no time.

  • Don't forget that both moves rely on a perfect plank. For the first few reps, take a second to make sure there's a straight line from ankles to ears.
  • Too easy? Probably not, but if so, you can try the single arm version.


2: TRX Bulgarian Split Squat Hop

Strap length: Mid-calf (or a bit higher)

Reps: 8-12 per side

Easier exercise: TRX Squat Jump

The TRX makes this already tough single leg exercise even meaner. It challenges your balance and coordination, and it creates a brutal burn in your quads and glutes.

  • If you've never done these before, start with hops instead of jumps. You don't need to go that high to get a good training effect.
  • This exercise is already awkward, but if it feels really goofy, you probably need to adjust your front foot.


3: TRX T, Y, I

Strap length: Short or mid

Reps: 6 (1 rep = 1 T, 1 Y, 1 I)

The T, Y, and I pulls are great alone, but they're even better when they're combined. The time under tension increases and you work a huge portion of your shoulders and upper back in one go.

  • Be careful not to lead with your hips, especially as you get deeper into the set.
  • It's not a big deal if you don't have completely straight arms  a little elbow bend is fine.


4: TRX Skater Jump

Strap length: Any (find the most comfortable setting for you)

Reps: 20 (10 per side)

Easier exercise: TRX Curtsy Lunge

Skaters are fast, explosive, and perfect for making your lungs hate you. It's not necessary to use the TRX, but it's nice to have the anchor.

  • You can go about skaters in two ways. Either try for max height and distance (power) or crank up your tempo (endurance).
  • Try not to yank on the TRX too much  it's just there for support.


5: TRX Lateral Plank Walk Up

Strap length: Mid-calf

Reps: 3-5 walk ups per side

Easier exercise: TRX Plank Walk

This awesome exercise hits your core with the plank hold, your upper body with the walk up, and your poor hammering heart with the lateral movement and length of the set.

  • Make sure to maintain a tight plank position, especially as you move into the walk up
  • If you're having balance issues, or the exercise is a touch too difficult, try widening your feet to increase the support


Give this workout a try on your next training day and let us know how it goes!