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Weekend Workout: Down On The Ground

August 27, 2016

Weekend Workout: Down On The Ground

This quick weekend workout is exactly what the title implies - two pairs of ground-based exercises. People tend to think of ground (or floor) exercises as crunches and planks, but there's a lot more variety than that!


You could call this a full body workout, but it's particularly tough on your upper body and core. You'll treat each pair as a superset. Do A1 then immediately move to A2 without taking any rest. Take a rest after A2, then repeat the superset (3) times. When you're done with A1 and A2, switch over to the second pair and treat it the same way. 


A1. Slider Arrow Crunch

8-12 reps


  • The side to side movement adds a nice rotational component to the mix - that's never a bad thing!
  • Try to minimize your hip movement as you slide


A2. Inchworm Hop

30 seconds


  • You can take as many hops as you need to out of the inchworm. Beginners might prefer 3-4, while some of you can get away with a single hop
  • Take your time with the inchworm and finish in a strong plank position


B1. Plank to Pushup

30 seconds

  • Focus on super smooth transitions as you move between positions (minimal body movement outside of what needs to move).
  • If this exercise is too tough for you, just drop down to your knees. Alternatively, you can raise your hands onto a box - higher makes it easier, lower makes it harder.


B2. Slider Pike

8-12 reps


  • Remember to keep your legs straight on these. You'll need to maintain active tension in your lower body, especially your quads.
  • Don't forget about your neck position. Keep it as close to neutral as possible.

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