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October 16, 2016

I'm gonna call it right now: you don't do any sprinting. Maybe that's too bold of me, but I bet you're nodding your head right now. I mean, sprinting is for athletes, right? 

That's definitely true, but it's not only for athletes. Sprinting builds strength, muscle and power, just like the exercises you do on your lower body days (hopefully squats and deadlifts). 

This weekend's workout is all about sprinting. It's short, but if you haven't sprinted recently - or ever - then you'll appreciate that. Aim to run each sprint at 80-90% intensity and don't skimp on rest breaks. Ideally, rest for at least 60 seconds between reps of the same sprint, and take a longer two or three minute break before you move on to the next sprint drill.


1. Build-Up Sprint:  50m x3

The build-up is a great beginner sprint that will eventually become a warm-up exercise, and it's perfect for learning the difference between sprinting intensities.


2. Swerve Sprint: 25m x3

The swerve is a slightly tougher version of a straight-line sprint that serves as a nice introduction to sprinting with changes of direction.



3. Shuffle to Sprint: 20m x3 (10m shuffle, 10m sprint)

This sprint variation bumps the difficulty up one more notch by forcing you to transition between two different movements.

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