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Quick Resistance Band Workout For Your Upper Body

November 12, 2016

Quick Resistance Band Workout For Your Upper Body


I can't blame you if resistance bands aren't the first tool you grab for your upper body workouts. They're not exactly at the top of the gym equipment food chain - barbells and dumbbells take that spot. But if you're aren't using bands in your training, it's time to give them a chance. They're a nice change of pace, but there's more to it than that. The constant tug from the band's anchor point increases stabilization demands across the board, and the varying levels of resistance as the band moves from point to point create an additional challenge.


Workout Details

This upper body resistance band workout stays firmly in the beginner to intermediate range, so most lifters should be comfortable with it. It uses a paired exercise scheme, so do exercise 1, take a rest, then do exercise 2 and take a rest. Repeat the process until you're done with the all three sets of the first pair, then move on to the next pair and do the same.


The Exercises

Pair 1

Band Pushup + Band Single Arm Curl



Pair 2

Band Seated Overhead Press + Band Assisted Pullup



Pair 3

Band Straight Arm Twist + Band Backhand

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