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Workout of the Week #1 Workout of the Week #1

Welcome to the Workout of the Week series. Each week, we'll have a new workout for you to try. They're generally quick and require minimal equipment, so they shouldn't interfere with whatever training program you're following. Enjoy!


Need To Know: Do this workout as a circuit (don't rest until you're done with all three exercises). Rest one to two minutes, then repeat two or three more times.


1) Bear Crawl (x5m) to Pushup (x1) x8

  • Hold a nice plank position the entire time
  • Go slower to hit your core harder, or faster to spike your heart rate


2) Side to Side Tuck Jump x12


  • Focus on exploding off the ground, but don't be afraid to rest between reps. Make each rep super high quality.
  • Start with a small amount of horizontal travel, then increase to make it more difficult


3) Squat to Plank x10


  • It's just a burpee without the jump
  • Don't rush your squat, and make sure you settle into a rock solid plank