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Workout of the Week #2 Workout of the Week #2


Welcome to the Workout of the Week series. Each week, we'll have a new workout for you to try. They're generally quick and require minimal equipment, so they shouldn't interfere with whatever training program you're following. Enjoy!


Need To Know: Do this workout as a circuit (don't rest until you're done with all three exercises). Rest one to two minutes, then repeat two or three more times.


Battle Rope Uppercut x40

  • You can treat this as more of a power exercise with slow, controlled reps (like the video), or more of a conditioning exercise by increasing the tempo 


Kettlebell Squat Walk x25m


  • Use a wider squat stance than you're used to and remember to outpoint your toes
  • Try to stay as low as you can


TRX Body Saw


  • Maintain super awesome tension from ankles to ears -- don't let your hips sag
  • Cover as much distance as you can, but don't sacrifice quality for more range