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All American EFX

It takes a real lab, real technology and real experts to develop innovative products like ours. That’s why so many companies make inferior, copycat products hidden behind ads filled with impressive clipart, slick marketing and BIG hype. You deserve real innovation - where more time and money was invested in developing the product... than the marketing campaign to sell it! Jeff (“The Freak Maker”) Golini formulates 100% of our products in All American Pharmaceutical’s State of the Art 150,000 SF Facility. Our Advisory Board consists of 2 medical doctors, our formulator, and a world-class medical researcher. It all begins and ends with our incredibly strict product testing procedures. In fact, every product we produce must pass 3 critical quality checkpoints before, during and after production.

We test every barrel of raw material - every time!

We test products a second time while in production and every phase of production!

We perform even more quality control tests on all finished products as soon as they come off the line.

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